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DiCesare-Engler Events

DiCesare-Engler Productions promoted many events in Pittsburgh and around the country other than just rock concerts.  Many of these events were part of the culture in Pittsburgh such as the Celebration of Lights at Hartwood Acres, the Creep Fest at Station Square, or even the Three Stooges Film Festivals.


DiCesare-Engler also were involved in many charity events such as Steel Aid, the Porky Chedwick benefit concert, and even more recently Ed Traversari put together the Bob Marley 30th Anniversary Celebration at the former Stanley Theatre (Benedum Center). 

Pat DiCesare on Syria Mosque stage for benefit

Steel Aid article in Billboard

Before DiCesare-Engler, Pat DiCesare and boyhood friend and future Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro started the Dapper Dan Roundball Classic It was the very first High School All-Star basketball game first staged at Pittsburgh's own Civic Arena in 1965.  The event stayed in Pittsburgh for 28 years of its 43 year reign.

DiCesare-Engler expanded to the sporting world in 1980 partnering with CV Productions, who were the first company to promote Mixed Martial Arts.  Click here to see the MMA video from the Stanley Theatre in 1980.

In the 1990s, Patrick DiCesare Jr. and DiCesare-Engler staged some of the largest baseball card shows in the country in multiple cities in the North East including Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Philadelphia under the company name USA Celebrity Sports Cards

Pat DiCesare and Rich Engler won the Variety Club Award for Entertainment for "Bringing Broadway Back to Pittsburgh."  The Broadway shows were performed at their Stanley Theatre and the Syria Mosque. 

DiCesare-Engler also promoted many ethnic festivals such as the Italian Festival, Irish Festival, and German Festival, some that still exist today.  They also started the annu
al Three Rivers Rib Festival and for a few years ran the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta.

Tim Tormey and his partner Pat DiCesare brought the Beatles to the Pittsburgh Civic Arena on September 14, 1964.  Pat DiCesare commemorates the event with the Relive the Beatles '64 Concert at the Benedum Center on September 13, 2014.