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Bob Marley

Poster for the 9-23-10 concert at the Benedum

b Marley performed his very last show at The Stanley Theatre (Benedum Center) 9/23/80...now 30 years later after that magical evening The Marley family will come together for a tribute concert benefiting their 1Love Foundation and honoring their father.
The Marley family and guests will be performing the exact set list from Bob's last show.  'The Queen Mother' herself, Rita Marley will travel from Ghana to also perform and help emcee this prestigious event."

The event was promoted by 1love.org.

Bob Marley backstate at the Stanley in Pittsburgh

Tribute Concert Marks Bob Marley's Final Show
September 24, 2010 - Global
By Patricia Meschino, Pittsburgh

The Live Forever concert was the brainchild of Ed Traversari who assisted with the marketing of Marley's 1980 show. He worked alongside promoters Pat DiCesare and Rich Engler of DiCesare-Engler Productions for that event 30 years ago.

Traversari initiated conversations with the Marleys and they wholeheartedly supported his anniversary concert concept. "At different points in time we had wanted to do an anniversary show with the family but when the 30th year approached, we said its now or never, and it came together beautifully," Traversari told Billboard.biz following the concert.

Plaque presented to Bob Marley by DiCesare-Engler

Reggae legend's final concert, 30 years ago in Pittsburgh, will be remembered with tribute
Thursday, September 23, 2010

The day before Bob Marley and the Wailers were scheduled to play a sold-out concert at the Stanley Theatre in 1980, promoter Rich Engler got an ominous call from the reggae star's agent.

"There might be a problem," the agent told him. "Bob is not feeling very well. I don't know what's going on. I'll keep you posted."

Marley and the Wailers had just played two shows on the Uprising Tour opening for The Commodores at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 19-20. The next day he collapsed while jogging in Central Park and, during a hospital visit, was told the worst: The cancer he was diagnosed with three years earlier had spread, and he was advised to cease touring.

On the morning of the Sept. 23 show in Pittsburgh, Mr. Engler got another call.

"They're headed there," the agent said, "but I would be surprised if he plays."

DiCesare-Engler backstage pass for Bob Marley's final concert at the Stanley Theatre in PIttsbugh on September 23, 1980

Tickets from the Stanley Theatre Bob Marley concert on September 23, 1980 at the Stanley Theatre in PIttsburgh

DiCesare-Engler advertisement for the September 23, 1980 Bob Marley concert at the Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh